— Painter

Rosy Mantovani was born in Vigevano in 1968 and she currently lives and works in Gambolò. She received a diploma in graphic design at the Academy of Applied Arts in Milan and also collaborated, as an Illustrator, with a prestigious Agency in Milan. In 2000 she enrolled at the ne arts course held at the Roncalli Foundation in Vigevano under the guidance of the masters Oronzo Mastro and David Avogadro. However, it is in 2006 that she started to exhibit her personal and collective works and began to receive many accolades and awards from contests. Her work reflects her favourite quote: “A color that melts in emotion, a look that ex- presses an inner universe, a city that becomes the projection of contemporary existential condition, abandoned places that are a metaphor of desolation and grief… an artist who empathically listens to and tells about a noisy social silence and who knows how to extract the beauty from concrete and asphalt.” Taken from “The Flowers of the Soul” by Emanuela Fortuna.