One idea... one dream... our madness... to make every moment, every object around us unique, to tell a unique experience, creating one in a million artworks made only by hand, with passion and fantasy. The need to get back to basics, making our world stitch after stitch. Our uniqueness is the most precious gift we have... The only way to be different... is to be unique.


Talent, art and passion... Every artbag is the fruit of a collaboration between a designer and an artist who customizes part of it thanks to his or her original artistic expression. From this partnership our items become unique, so different one from another, as each artist puts into practice his or her experience and talent, making a veritable masterpiece. For this reason, all our products are one of a kind, as art is intuition, gesture and creative genius in a defined and individual space.


Demanumea loves art in every single expression; in our world you can find different forms of artistic techniques: from painting to goldworking, from sculptures to textile art. Demanumea, art in all forms.


We are young painters, sculptors, embroiderers, goldsmiths, in one word, artists. We come from all over the world and our team is growing every day in order to create and constantly give a new and unique soul to our artworks. We use leather to express our art, like a canvas for a painter, like stone for a sculptor, as the base to express our creativity. Every product is certified and bears the original signature of the artist. Only one in the world forever.


Our products are effectively and entirely designed and handcrafted in the heart of Italy, through the ancient leather goods manufacturersʼ techniques. Our workmanship is made of selected materials: from Italian leather, which is inspected for daily quality controls, to fine and resistant yarns, to accessories designed exclusively for Demanumea, made of brass with a polished palladium finish by expert jewelers.


We want to tell you the story of those who design and make, stitch after stitch, every single artbag. Demanumea items have an identity card declaring the number of the limited edition, the name of the artwork and the name of the artist who made it exclusively for us. In addition, you can find further information about the artist and watch the making of the artwork video on www.demanumea.com. Genuine quality and full transparency make our products lifetime-warranty and timeless.