— Painter

Nicola Alessandrini lives and works in Macerata, in the Marche, where he has be- come a famous illustrator and graphic designer in both fashion and animation fields. After graduating in 2002 at Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, he has actively participated in international and national artistic projects dedicating himself to the underground culture and collaborating with galleries, festivals and independent magazines. His work presents recurring contents he tries to investigate on, providing key thoughts, visual hints, asking questions. He enjoys work containing undisclosed messages, untold stories, deeper meanings, as he aims to stimulate a deeper self-reflection and to make people meditate on social relationships and conventions, on childhood as a period of identity development and constraint, on power games between institutions and masses, on everyday violence arising from the contrast between individual desires and public needs. Through his strong and ambiguous meaningful images and by building personal myths, he aims to do this. Alessandrini loves the executive mannerism: it allows him to sharpen his mind and to enter the artwork itself, as to emphasise and include these thoughts in few gestural signs, like in a statement or a violent denial. He uses languages from sour popular surrealism to represent metamorphic, super, sub or transhuman forms of our desires and nightmares. The mixture of hybrid genres and languages proves an unconditional love in making art.