— Painter/Sculptor

Monica Salinelli was born in Florence. Getting a certification to teach art history and painting techniques at the University of Fine Arts in Rome, she started working as a fashion stylist for Renato Balestra and as a costume designer for the Italian movie industry with B. Rondi. Later, she settled in the Marche, where she worked as a designer and public relation officer For CamToys. Since 1998 she has been teaching art in high schools near Ascoli Piceno and since 2000 she has presented and took part as an actress in lit-literary events promoted in the area near Ascoli Piceno such as “ I venerdì della poesia ” and “La scrittura femminile nel Piceno”. Salinelli is also a voice training and psychology of communication teacher in private companies and institutions such as U.T.E.A.P. She has been committed to painting, one of her passions, since 2005, when she had her first solo exhibition at Palazzo dei Capitani in Ascoli Piceno. Since then, a number of exhibitions has followed in other important Italian towns. Currently, she is showing off her artistic air in solo and collective painting exhibitions, remaining, however, active in the eld of theatre and communication, as wells as an artist and master-art artist in NTSʼs staff.

«Art is freedom from boredom. Art is a tribute to our life to invent… »