— Painter

Mirella Scotton is a Venetian painter originally from Treviso, but now living in Padua. She started at a very young age to draw pencil portraits mingled with oil paintings. She had a passion for art history because of its reflections and finds. She has also experience in ceramic decorations, working through refining techniques over uneven painting as well as developing original projects in the trade of industrial ceramics. In recent years she has devoted herself entirely to the study of art, and in particular to oil painting, focusing on the formal and chromatic research. Some of her works reflects the landscape themes of the Venetian Lagoon, where she has lived for several years, glimpses of the Sile River and portraits of people caught in the act of performing ordinary, everyday’s activities. Her interpretations have become progressively more intimate and informal. The paintings of Mirella Scotton always transmit passion and instinct that she drew from her family surrounding, such as living by the Venetian Lagoon and doing intense research in Paris, San Francisco, Venice and Vienna.