— Painter

The Golden Helvete/Riffblast project was born about five years ago as a hobby for Benassi, as the life of a sales agent was not as adventurous and daring as expected to be. At the beginning the main idea was making reusable what people thought to be useless: Benassi has always had an innate passion for antique, vintage items, whose allure is outstanding; the objects he proposed, mostly lamps crafted by assembling makeshift items, were greatly appreciated. Still not completely satisfied with that kind of art, he decided to plot a new course. Ever since, things have been changing so quickly that the artist has been completely overwhelmed: his creations didn’t belong to him anymore. Actually, his creative process hasn’t stopped yet. At this point he hopes it’ll never stop. From crafting everyday objects and furniture, the project has taken an artistic turn: despite crafting lamps and furniture, he is still now following specific rules which are outlining hand in hand with his artistic maturity. Benassi has always had this kind of obsession: the beholder must be shocked and amazed while looking at the artworks, provoked and amused after all. It can’t be argued that it has definitely worked so far.