— Goldsmith/Sculpture

After attaining his diploma at the arts high school in Fermo in 1998, Massimo Ripa started to dedicate himself to jewellery design, made mainly with the lost-wax casting technique. He is currently a member of AGC (Association Contemporary Jewellery). His contemporary style ranges from the creativity of design to simple lines, looking for particular high-quality materials, especially precious hard stones, usually selected in a wide range of colors and shapes. Ripa’s strong point is the so-called “jewel canvas”: he conducts simultaneous research to fill up what is lacking in the realms of sculpture and painting. His objective is to create his own visionary and holistic art, which stems from his innate passion and love for materials, from the exploration of nature in all its forms, his great source of inspiration. The glory of jewellery itself, a moment which people often tend to ignore, is the sparkling pivot. According to this vision, jewellery takes on the role of the means through which static nature is broken up and man is suddenly projected into dynamics.