— Goldsmith/Sculptor

Gianluca Staffolani was born in 1973. After attaining his diploma at F. Mengaroni school of art in Pesaro as a goldsmith, he pursued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata as a sculptor. Later, he decided to attend the TAM centre (Artistic Metal Treatment in Pietrarubbia) workshop held by the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. During those years, he studied contemporary jewellery, attending the most important course in the Marche held by professor Claudio Mari- ani, whose artworks can be found in the Silver Museum in Florence. Once back in Pesaro, his homeland, Staffolani pursued his sculpture and jewelry studies and worked in several goldsmith workshops in Ascoli Piceno. In 1994 he worked with Vinicio Antonelli and, from 1996 to 1998, was apprentice and assistant to Giovanni Contri, sculptor and goldsmith of the Vatican Museum. In 2001 he finally opened his own goldsmith and sculpture workshop. In 2009 he also participated in a seminar held by the artist Stefano Marchetti in Lucca at the prestigious jewellery school conceived by Giò Carbone. His artistic career, both as a goldsmith and as a sculptor, is based on the continuous pursuit of aesthetic forms: the hard work consists in synthesizing, keeping the structure linear, stiff and balanced at the same time. Every element must be well-proportioned, a silent musicality leading the audience into another “dimension”. Staffolaniʼs work aims to explore the invisible forces all humans share, their tendency to look up at the sky, looking for a creative power higher than us. We are both created and creators.